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Help. I need some motivation or something... (Read 229 times)


    Start Rant.  This is a rant.  This is only a rant.  Please feel free to disregard any or all of what you are about to read.


    My runs suck!!!!!  Every one of them for the past 2-3 weeks has pretty much sucked.  My feet are killing me when I get up in the morning - EVERY DAY, almost ot the point that I am afraid to step out of bed some days.  They feel better 5 minutes later after I walk around, but it really kind of blows my mental attitude for the whole day lately.


    My mileage has dropped, my plantar fascitis is acting up again - only worse I think.  Though that may be my fault because when it started to feel a little better I stopped icing it every night.   My ankle on my other foot hurts daily, and what sucks even more is it actually hurts during some runs (not all, but some).  usually the pains in my foot are just after sleeping or sitting at my desk for too long, but I worry when it hurts when I run.


    I have no goal race right now (still).  I have been helping some friends train for a HM in October, but they are kind of slow so the runs I do with them arent even really a workout for me.  We still have a pretty good time, talking and such.


    I am wiped out all the time - tired to the point that on Tuesday and WEdnesday of this week I didnt even get up to run in the morning I was so tired.  I ended up having to do my runs at 9:00 at night.


    So I am looking for some motivation to keep me going here.  And not just to keep my streak going.  I just need something to go right.  I would like to go out one day and not hurt and come back and think "That was a good run.  I feel great."   


    Part of me just feels like I need a few weeks of some really hard workouts, like track and hill workouts which I havent really been doing at all lately.  I dont know.  I just feel a bit lost right now.


    End Rant.


      wow, creeping on 600 days. I'd say doing something different. But, you've probably done it all.


      Find a trail with some steep hills.


      Mentor some HS kid.


      Go to the track and run 12 or so 200's.


      Go to the track and do sprints on the grass on the football field.


      Chase the kids down the greenway, (them on bikes)


      Hear you with the PF, mine's been acting up, but only in the mornings, hasn't affected my runs.

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        Sorry you are so down Jeff!  I have to agree with Oldman -- you have been doing this so long that you really might need to shake it up a bit.  I wish I had some better suggestions.  I really just wanted to let you know that you dedication is very impressive and amazing.  I am not even close to you and I am not sure I will ever catch up.  Streaking that many days and the miles that you run are inspriing.


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          Jeff?  You didn't log a run yesterday.  Don't tell me you broke your streak! 

          Roads were made for journeys...


            No, I just havent logged it yet.  Just did a mile last night before bed.  But my PF hurts more than ever and I am debating a trip to a doctor/physical therapist to see if I cant get some relief.  I'm even considering one fo those $40 sock thingees that holds your foot in a bent position while you sleep.


            I also havent been able to determine whether running more or less barefoot would help.  I am contemplating trying going full BF right now.  But that would mean my mileage would suffer because I cant do more than a mile or so BF right now.


            I'll update the log after tonights run - after I determine whether I am doing more than a mile.


            Ugh, so frustrated.


            I fly.

              Have you tried buying one of those rubber discs that you put in your shoe?  When I had PF years ago, that helped during the day when I wasn't running.  When I did run, it made it worse, but since everyone is different, it might be worth spending a few dollars to try it.


              I hope that you have a good run tonight!

              Bring it on.