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Desperation runs (Read 70 times)

    I am sure all streakers have good desperation run stories...you have to if you want to sustain a running streak. Time is not always our friend when streaking. There are busy days, or days where getting the run in is just not on your mind until the last minute. Have you ever been up late at night having already run for the day...then after midnight decide to go out on a quick run to take care of the next day as well? Does your clock for the day stop at midnight, or if you happen to get home at 12:05 you still knock out the daily run? Have you ever ran a mile in your work clothes out of desperation? Early on in the summer I had a lot of 11:45 runs where I was at least slightly buzzed. Those have tapered off. I think my best/worst desperation run story happened jusy a few weeks ago. I went out with some friends after our beer league softball game...and had a few more beers. I was feeling pretty good to say the least when I got home around 11:30. I hadn't gotten my run in yet, so I got home and started looking for my shoes. I was impatient and couldn't find them...so I ran my one mile loop around my neighborhood in my socks ...through the front yards of the houses on that loop. For the next few days my heels were pretty sore.

      I have had a few late runs - 11:45ish when I forgot to run. I may have slipped a bit at one point if you take into consideration time cahnges. I went to Denver in April and by the time I got to my hotel it was 11:00 Denver time (really 1:00AM the next day EST where I live) but I got the run in and counted that one.

      Running around the ship

        Funny...Young1 and I were talking about this a day or two ago. Recently my son was having a hard time falling asleep...up and down until after midnight. After he was down for good it was around 12:30. Realizing we had an extremely busy day following I decided to run. It was short and over by 1:05 AM or so. Saturday's run was complete! The upside to this is that my legs received around 34 hours of rest between runs. That's new! I always love hearing how creative and dedicated the streakers are...even through sickness! Mike
          I have to force myself out there when I am sick. I have not run through nausea yet and I'm not looking forward to that, but I have run through colds and such. The funny thing is when I'm out there I actually feel better during the run and for about 1-2 hours after. I don't do long runs when I am sick.
            I've had a pretty boring life since I started streaking - no late night or early morning runs. Last night was a little unusual as I did an easy 2 mile run starting at 8:45pm. A few days before my streak started I was on a business trip that went crazy. Departure was 10:00am, and planned arrival was 4:30 pm. I did not run in the morning as I planned to run later in the day after arriving at the destination. My flight was "down sized," and had to switch to another flight. Did not arrive until the next morning (2:00 am or so). Maybe in that situation I would have jogged in the airport, hoping to look like a hurried traveler, and not someone up to no good Smile