A Mile A Day


Almost ended last night...really. (Read 159 times)

    So yesterday was Tuesday - a day on which I drop my children off at school, which takes precedence over my usual AM runs.  No problem, I usually just hit the gym at lunch and get a mile or so in on the TM.


    But work is just freaking crazy this week, so I couldnt even get out for a sandwich at lunchtime, never mind enough time to head to the gym.


    I also needed to drop off the rental car after work and pick up my car from the shop.  So I figured I'd do my run then - I'd go to the dealer, pick up the key to my car, then drive the rental back adn return it and then run back to the dealer and get my car.  But my wife says we have a busy night at home, so I cant do that - it would take too long.


    I get home, and my dad is over visiting the kids.  He hasnt been up in a couple weeks, so we hang out and chat while I am searching for my lost set of keys (another story completely).  At this point I am completely stressed over work and not finding my keys, that when dad leaves around 8:00 and I put the kids to bed, the wife and I sit straight down to watch a bit of TV before bed.


    At 10:45 I am getting my stuff ready for the morning - pants (check), shoes (check), shirt and tie (check), running stuff (che... oh shit I havent run yet).  I am exhausted, have a headache and just want to sleep, but I throw on my shorts and shirt, get yelled at by my wife for not wearing anything reflective and head out and get a mile in.


    Yesterday was not a good day for me.... today has not been much better, but at least I ran.


      Wow!  Sorry you had such a bad/busy day but I am really happy you remembered to run!  I really hope today gets better for you.


      MM #2929