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Post Your Milestone for the Week - 6/21-6/27 (Read 131 times)


    I had another milestone last week - hitting 900 days.  Who has a milestone this week and how is your running/streaking going?


    As far as my running goes it has been pretty good lately.  I started my marathon training last week and the whole week went pretty well.  You can read about my training in my new blog at http://hansontraining.blogspot.com/


    I am using the Hanson Brothers marathon training program.  It maxes out your long run at 16 miles (instead of the normal 20-22) and I thought I would document it as I did it.  Did a speed session this morning and it went pretty well.  Toe feels good and hamstring feels good (knock on wood).


    So let us all know how you are doing.




      Today is day 585!  I am still struggling a little bit with my running but the steak is going strong.  I think that as I get older I am just not enjoying the heat and humidity.  During this morning's long run all I could think about was looking forward to the winter -- really shocking thoughts for me!  I keep thinking that I will adjust but it just hasn't happened yet.  Anyway, happy to be still going strong.


      MM #2929

        A mere 405 days for me today.  Still glad I am doing it.  I know that as long as I get out and run every day it doesn't matter if I am getting slower times in my races or that I may not stay ahead of the 2000 mile pace bunny or that my weekly miles are not at a certain number.  The one thing I know I can do is run every day.  A friend at work thinks I should take a day off and do some speed training to see if I can improve my race times but  I am just not that interested.  I guess we all have to pick our running "battles" and mine is just to maintain my streak.  Good job Sara and Jeff.  Your numbers are really amazing.
          Yea, kind of a milestone 60 years old today and on day 173, so thats my milestone getting out every day so far.

          Turning back the clock one mile at a time


          In it for the long run..

            24 days of streaking.   Jeff, can you reset me starting 5/30?    Thanks.


            Hamstring still not ready for prime time, but with good PT and a lot of exercises I am able to run.  Had a 40 mile week last week for the first time since March.  8 miles is about the limit right now, though.

            "It's not who wins the workout..."