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Stress is a hell of a demotivator (Read 188 times)


    So much stuff going on now, with the holidays and work that I am completely stressed out about time lately.  And with that, have come more 1 mile runs than I want to say, and absolutely no motivation to get out the door.  I also dont have anything that I am trainnig for right now so that isnt helping.


    I have decided to take this week off and just do 1 milers to try to get all the Christmas shopping done and finish up this project at work.  I am just finding that everytime I go out for a run lately I am just efeling the pressure to get it finished to get back to work or back to getting ready for Christmas, or help out around the house.  It's getting to me pretty bad (never mind the bouts of depression when I think of my mom because thsi was her favorite tiem of year).


    STreak is still going and dont see it ending, but I need to get through some stuff before I get back to any serious running.


    How is everyone else doing this holiday season?



      Sorry to hear about the stress, Jeff. Good plan though. It takes the pressure almost completely off as far as running. You may find that you miss it enough to extend a run here and there. Or not. But the right thing to do is to let it happen only if it happens. Otherwise stick to your plan. I have had a couple of bad days and periods, but they have so far always ended quickly. I'm shocked sometimes at what a really long night's sleep will do for me. Take as long as you need. Nobody's counting days. And everyone needs rest now and then.


      And now to somewhat contradict part of the above, if you are out for your 1 miler and feeling really good, snow is flurrying as it is now outside my door, the sun is very bright but it's very cold, you've just about warmed up, and nothing is pressing at the moment, keep going just to remember the joy of moving that we all need to feel every now and then. Like a long, dreamy sleep, that too will pay off.


      We'll look out for you.


        Stress is no good and understandable this time of the year.  Sounds like the 1 milers are a good idea.  Even though they are short, try not to think about anything but fresh air, decorations and fun!  Big grin


        I literally just got home from the airport, changed my clothes and ran out the door to get my 1 mile in!  This is the latest I have very run but got to keep the streak going.  I ran the Las Vegas Marathon yesterday.  I was under trained and the coarse sucked but had an amazing time meeting a bunch of RAers!  So much fun meeting your imaginary friends in real life!!!


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          Nice job on the marathon Ojo - even with bad conditions and undertraining.