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Time to clean up the chart (Read 333 times)

    Just realized that for some reason the chart hadnt updated in a while.  It still had me under 600 days. 


    So, can everyone please go in and check their start dates, check that it is still calculating your days correctly and that the total of your current streak is correct.  I will then go in and resort into descending order.


    Please highlight your name on the spreadsheet after you have checked your data so I knwo who has and has not checked their numbers.


    I'll also run a check for people that havent visited in a while (my usual 6 month eviction rule will apply).





      I have pulled myself from the chart until I am back up to running everyday.


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        I'm going to take a break from running for a while, so I'm pulling myself off the chart too.  Good luck everyone!

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          Sorry to be dense, but where is the spreadsheet? 


          I figured it out.  Yay, me.

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              yep, still going. 209 or so.

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                Hello it has been ages since i even visited this group let alone streaked (that ended beginning of Feb.


                I have pulled myself from the list shall remain in the group as i do see myself returning one day but in the meantime i don't want to put pressure saying i shall will get back into some routine. As they say in the movies I'll be back


                  I think I screwed up how the graph appears on the front page.  


                  I was in there to reset and then noticed this thread.

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                  Post-Bipolar PRs: 38:35 5k/ 1:09:34 8k/ 1:09:39 5mi/ 1:33:03 10k/ 3:20:40 Half


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                  1,250 miles/ Fundraise, Train, and Execute the 3-Day / Race a half marathon/ Try for a sub-6 hour marathon
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                    Can you remove me from the graph for now.

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                      Not streaking at this time, but checking in occasionally!

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                        Not streaking at this time, but checking in occasionally!


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