A Mile A Day


1900 days (Read 19 times)

    Today is day 1900 for me.  Alas, I am not in shape enough to run 19 miles to celebrate it, but I am setting a goal for myself.


    On day 2000 (which by my calculations should be on June 21st) I will be back in shape and will celebrate it with a 20 mile run.


    I ran about 9.5 miles this morning and it was kind of tough.  A year ago at this time I was knocking out 13 milers a couple times a week like they were nothing, and a 9 miler would have been a piece of cake.  Hell, last year, I barely counted it as a real run if it was under an hour.  Now, I feel woefully out of shape and want to get back to that feeling of being able to knock out long runs with ease.

      Why do you feel out of shape?  Is it just because you have been running shorter mileage recently?


      Congrats on 1900 days !  I am approaching 100 for the first time ever, so again, the commitment it takes even to make it to 100 makes the 1900 achievement really impressive!  Over 5 years!  What was I doing 5 years ago?  Not running at all, ever, and being a lazy a$$.  Big grin  I expect that 5 years from now, it will be a different story.

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        Congratulations Jeff!  What an amazing streak you have!


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