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Runeveryday.com site updated (Read 245 times)

    So i was just over at www.runeveryday.com checking up out the registry as I do every once in a while and I noticed that they have updated their site.  What I mean is that the streak registry is now in real-time.  They used to manually update the streak every 3 months or so, but now it appears that they must have implemented a database of some sort on the site itself, which is pretty cool (hell, Eric has had that for us for a while and that's not even his main concern).


    Just a bit of information in case your name is there too.




    I am #198 right now.

      #253 as of today. 

      out of #286.

      At least I am not the last one on the list anymore. Smile

        Crap, I just lost ground - somehow I'm #205 now so I dropped 7 places.


          Guess something's changed since we last posted.

          Who cares though.

          Still happy to be streaking (with my clothes on)

          Always have to add that when I tell people I streak.Wink