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    Could it be that my problem is solved!?!? Most of you know of my nagging fatigued lower leg issues for the last 6+ weeks. Well, I finally found a solution, I think! The wife and I were walking through Dick's last night shopping for one of our son's friend's birthday present. We had a $10.00 voucher and a $15.00 off coupon on any purchase greater than 50 bucks. We couldn't find anything for the kid so we walked over to the shoes. There they were! My trusty Mizuno Wave Inspire 4's! "Boy I wish I still had those", I thought! Then I saw the sale price..marked down to $69.00 and with our free 25 bucks, the wife said "get 'em"! (Probably so she could wouldn't have to continue hearing me bitch and moan). So I did! Laced them up today and took off! Holy cow...everything felt great! Left foot got a little numb which happens when I over tighten...I'll get that dialed in. But I finally ran in a way that I didn't feel like I had to stop due to leg pain. Yippeee!! I hope this isn't a fluke as I actually enjoyed the run today! I plan to clean up the Asics and take them back. My local running store has a good return policy...hopefully they'll take them with 50+ miles on them. If they do, I'm going to trade them for ANOTHER pair of Mizunos. One last thought...Darrin is not much of an "I told you so" kind of guy...wait, yeah he is! But, he told me to buy the same shoe I had so I wouldn't have problems. Did I listen? NO. I wish I had though...thanks D! Mike
      Oh good Lord, I could have told you that too. If you find a pair of shoes that work for your body biomechanics and feel good running - STOCK UP!!! I was never more pissed off at myself than last year when I walked into my running store to buy a pair of my Saucony Trigrid Omni 6s only to find out that they were gone and had been replaced by the Omni 7s. The 7s sucked, and I had told myself that I was going to by 2-3 pairs of the 6s that day because I had a feeling the new models were coming out soon. i was too late. I have now settled into a nice pair of Brooks that seem to work well for me, but I REALLY liked those Omnis.
        Switching shoe brands have not worked for me either. I use Asics, but have tried New Balance and Nike, without success.

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          I thought being a shoe tester would be so cool when I became one for NB. The truth, however, is that I hate almost everything they send me. I love my Nike (Air Span 5s) and just can't find anything that works as well (for me). Yes, I do preach the "stay with what works" philosophy. AND, stock up! Glad you found another pair Mike! Just don't do anything but run in them, and they will see you through 400-500 miles. 500 is the max, but don't hesitate to retire them if you start having any leg/knee pain again. The most common cause of unexplained knee pain is worn out shoes (or shoes that just don't work for you). I learn from the guys I run with, many of whom have been running for much longer than I have. One guy owns a running store here in Columbia (since the 80s) and has run well over 100,000 miles. He has ran 2:16 for the marathon (3Xs) and a lot of sub 2:30s. He has forgotten more about running than I'll ever know, and loves to teach. He does not believe in streaking, however, so he doesn't know everything. Wink D

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