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    So today I hit 2,600 days for my running streak.  Of course the run I had planned was totally blown out of the water by life (my daughter ended up needing a ride to school because the carpool fell through) so I could only get a quick run in at lunch on the treadmill.  So I decided to commemorate it with a 2.6 mile run.


    I'd like to say that when I hit 2,620 that I will run a marathon's worth of miles that day, but that is unlikely due to the 5 feet of snow we have received the past two weeks.


    Streak on everyone!!




      Congratulations on the 2600 and squeezing the run in.  With that many days I am sure you have had many days when you are just happy to get it done.


      MM #2929

        Yeah, there are a lot of those days.  But I am currently in training for a 10 mile race in about 3 weeks and feeling totally unprepared right now because of all the hiccups in life and lack of real training runs over the past three weeks.

        In it for the long run..

          Congratulations, Jeff!   You are my streaking hero!

          "It's not who wins the workout..."


            Great job Jeff!

              That is something. Thanks for the motivation!

              The only way out is through- R. Frost I have miles to go before I sleep - R. Frost

                Great work, Jeff. Since I had my first kid a year and a half ago, I've really struggled with consistency, never mind a legitimate streak. I'm constantly inspired by your ability to keep this up through life's challenges.

                Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

                Message me!




                  Have to hand to all of you year over year streakers. Damn.


                  Log entry and I haven't even hit a year, yet..........


                  Heat of the freakin' day. Thought it might rain but no such luck. Did cool it off to 86 degeees. Loop of the perimeter of the farm that was bush hogged and mowed. 7 laps before I'd had enough to keep the stupid streak alive. So much for the 4 mile minimum. That was tough.

                  Get off my porch