A Mile A Day


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    I can't stand looking at my graph right now - just a long string of one milers.  going to see the surgeon on Monday to see if this is a hernia or not.  Swelling and tenderness is gone, but still an achey feeling most of the time.


    And just when i had decided to do an Ultra this year - first of which was going to be end of July, but depending on where this goes I might not be able to get the training in in time.



      Listen to your body -- if one is all it's got, you are better off not pushing it.


      Here's hoping you get to a definitive answer soon and get back to where you want to be!!!

      And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




        Sorry you still aren't feeling well!  I really hope you get some answers soon.


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          Heh. I got you beat with the one-mile days by about a week with patellar tendonitis. I've been close to giving up because it's stupid pain at about two to five out of ten, but just doesn't diminish beyond two. Been wondering if it would heal faster with a few days completely off.

            The weird thing is it doesnt hur that much when I am running, but the doctor said NO exertion so I've been limiting myself to the mile to try to keep it nice and easy and light.  When I'm running I feel like I could go farther (other than that since I havent been running much I feel much tighter all over) but stop myself so I dont exacerbate the situation.

              What'd the doctor say?


              Based on a few longer runs -- I am guessing good news?

              And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx



                Still not sure exactly what it is - I go for a catscan tomorrow to look for a hernia.


                But, on the upside, most of the pain has gone - still get a little if I sit at my desk too long but other than that I'm fine.  And, they said that running was fine - just no lifting anything heavy until they figure out exactly what happened.


                So it's all looking good - streak still going - no pain when I run any more - would like to start lifting weights again to get fitter, but I'll deal if that doesnt happen soon.


                Thanks for asking