A Mile A Day


100 Days (Read 139 times)

    I just had to brag.   Other than eating and sleeping there are VERY few things I have done 100 straight days.

      That is AWESOME.


      Chalk up another one in the triple digits!!!!!!!!!! 


      Keep up the good work.


        Woo hoo! 


        MM #2929




          I just noticed that you are not on the chart on the front page - what was your starting date and I will get you added in - or I'll just try to go back 100 days from today.





          MTA - I put you in at March 23rd for a start date which gave you 100 days as of today (6/30/10)


          Congratulations again.


          In it for the long run..

            Nice job, Chris!

            "It's not who wins the workout..."


              I just hope it doesn't become an obsession before the day comes that I actually need a day off Smile
                I was afraid it may become an obsession too, but it isn't.  It just makes me feel better when I run.  Don't worry about the miles or the pace.  I know that a real injury or a real illness will end my streak, but "too tired" just is not an excuse for me.  So congratulations on 100 days!