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Thinking about ending streak (Read 194 times)

    Thinking about ending streak, been thinking about it for a couple of months, just hit 61 year old today figure will be a good time to stop, I still plan to keep running just not the streak, I like the getting out everyday but my legs do not like it, knees sore and legs always tired, I feel like I am going backwords in my running, I think I need rest days to get better. I checks back on my old logs and ran faster on 3 to 5 days running a week

    ofcourse I was younger to so I will see, thanks for all the motavation you have all gave me this past year and a half, who knows might start streaking again sometime.

    Turning back the clock one mile at a time


      Happy Birthday!


      Do what you need to do especially if you are not enjoying it as much as you used to -- we definitely need to listen to our bodies.


      You can streak until 7/7 and then give it up with me!  I can't believe it will be over in 2 weeks.  Sad


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        I am sorry you have to stop your streak ojo, it is one thing to stop on you own and an other if you have to, I hope everyhing works out for you and you can always start your streak again with agoal to breack old record, thats what I did, take care.

        Turning back the clock one mile at a time

          Sorry about the small letters

          Turning back the clock one mile at a time

            Sorry to see you go.  You had a great run at it though.


            Happy Birthday!!!

            Loves the outdoors

              Happy Birthday Smile Congratulations on your impressive streak, but it sounds like you are ready to let it go. Keep enjoying your running Smile

              One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

                Thanks for the B-day greetings, I did end my streak and it felt pretty odd not to go out yesterday still feeling a little guilty about it but I hope my running improves with some rest days thanks again and becarefull out there.

                Turning back the clock one mile at a time