A Mile A Day


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    apparently I hit 1400 days yesterday.  Woohoo!!!  Had I know, i would have ran more than a mile (maybe -probably not, it was a busy day and I think I actually needed the rest).  today I threw in a nice 14 miler, which again had I known, would have been a good way to commemorate it.


    I have my first race in a while this weekend and, while I have been putting in some good mileage, I have done NO speework to prepare for it, so I am a little nervous/anxious about it.  Partially this comes because I am still unsure what race I am running.  I am signed up for two different races this  Sunday.  The first is the "Falmouth in the Fall" 7 miler.  It is a hard, hilly course usually run as the "Falmouth Road Race" in August.  I signed up a long time ago for this one.  The second race is a memorial race for an old fraternity brother's son who died in a car accident a few years ago.  I have never made it to this race before, but sign up every year so they get my donation at least.  This one is a 5K.  given the lack of speedwork, I almost feel more prepared for a 7 miler than a 5K, but I think it is going to be a Saturday afternoon decision on which one I do.


    Oh yeah, and it freaking SNOWED yesterday - in October!!!  Even in New England, that is kind of rare.  I had to shovel it too, for fear that it would freeze over and a trick-or-treator would get hurt tonight.


    How's everyone elses running going?

      Good luck in the race Jeff!


      We were in a hotel Friday night and I almost forgot to run. Remembered it right before bed and went to the fitness room for a mile on the treadmill. Saturday morning I ran my fastest half marathon ever -- 1:31:57. I'll be 60 in a couple months so it's nice to know I'm still improving (just started running at 56).

        Damn, that's a nice fast half marathon.  I'm hoping to maybe run one that fast next spring.


        Glad you remembered to get that run in - though I do find that those rushed, late-night runs are really not enjoyable at all.  I had one just like it last week.


          Running is going well for me too!  I am getting closer to 100 days . . . can't believe that I will be there next week.  I feel great after my ultra and now it is time to start training for a marathon on December 10.  Hopefully all this LOVELY fall weather will not get in my way.  I can't believe the snow we got.  It wasn't much but the damage has been tremendous.  Downed trees and power lines.  Luckily we did not lose power.


          Congrats to Jeff on the 1400 days!  And to old-runner on the PR!


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