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    Hi everyone!  I was thinking of asking Santa for a Garmin Forerunner for the holidays.  I was curious if anyone has one, how they feel about it, and how accurate the mileage is.




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      I have the 205 and LOVE it.  It's usually pretty accurate, but I run where there isn't much tree coverage - so that might be part of the reason mine works so well, I don't know.  I couldn't imagine not running with it now!

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        I am addicted to mine and it is very accurate.  If you are in a big city with tall buildings, you will have some problems.  Otherwise, even with a pretty good tree cover, mine is great.  The 305 has a heart rate monitor, which is the one I have.  I would avoid the 405. 

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          I like the 205/305 series, honestly have not had any accuracy problems.  The 405 seems too glitchy.

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            Love my 305. 

              Anyone have any experience with the new 310 series?


              The 4XX series ones seem too glitchy, I agree adn the I have heard teh bezel thingee is way too sensitive.  But the 310 says it has a 14 hour battery life, which sounds good and I liked the 305 functionality.  If the 310 is just a bit smaller, I might go with that.


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                I haven't heard much about the 310 yet, but that is what I would get if I were replacing the 305.  I have seen it, and it is not really smaller than the 305 - shaped a slight bit differently.  It looks nice, though. 

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                  Love, love LOVE my 305.  Too bad I can't really use it of late, since most of my running is indoors (got to run outside today though... God how I miss it).


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                    305 here.  Happy with it.

                      I adore my 305.  I've convinced at least four other people to buy them, and they've all loved it.


                      Actually, here's a link to my blog post about my love for my Garmin...