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Oh Mighty Wing

    Is it the heat or my legs getting use to running every day? My times seem to be slower then what they were when I was running 3x a week. Do you think it's just because my legs are learning how to run everyday? Or is it that my body needs to get use to running in warm weather?
      I'd guess your legs are more tired now, try not running as far or as fast. The wiser people on this site say don't worry about speed. I believe them. I was running up to 113 km a week, some weeks, before I switched to running everyday. When I switched I cut down to 60km a week, but ran everyday. I'll probably hit 75km this week and I've got a 70 day streak going. It is a long haul back to 100 but I don't regret giving up the restdays

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        Depending how hot it is, it could also be the heat. I ran a long run the other day and at the start, before I got acclimated to the heat and humidity, my pace was off by a good minute per mile.

        Oh Mighty Wing

          So I actually looked back at my log... I don't think i'm slow I think i'm taking recovery days. So some runs are really slow because they are recovery. And it has been getting warmer for example yesterday it was around 100F when I ran. So I think i'm probably not really slower i've just been doing slower runs. Everything feels good so i'm not really worried about speed I was just wondering if other noticed that their runs got slower, but i'm thinking now that it's just that I HAVE to do slow running for recovery as opposed to taking days off. Does that make sense?