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New Stat? (Read 110 times)


    Anyone interested in putting up a new statistic that I could link to the graph. After Mrs. Hub's unfortunate day that ended her streak I was thinking of adding a "Longest Streak" column to the chart, and then graphing it next to everyone's current streak. anyone interested. If you are I can throw it in and just use current days for now and you can fill in a new number if it is longer than the streak you are currently on. For a lot of us it would just mirror the current streak, but for others it might stand as a reminder to what they can do and a goal to try to pass that line on the graph. Let me know Jeff

    Oh Mighty Wing

      seems like a good idea. ok changed the colors of the people on the chart who aren't on the list (at least their names aren't there). Not that any of this matters - i'm just bored!
        I think that is a good idea. I keep my own spreadsheet that has something like that on it. It bums me out when I realize that if I hadn't messed up on my first streak I'd be over 200 days now, but it gives me extra motivation to keep going. I also track my daily average as well.
          Chart looks good. On a side note about the chart: I created an account to access the spreadsheet, but did not get an email to finish the account. I haven't been able to log in. I'll keep working on it...
            looks good Shy

            El Presidente

              I like it too. For what it's worth, my longest streak is 113 days, but my current streak is...ummm...well, if I run today, it will be 1.

              "I train conservatively so that I can race recklessly."