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Sick! (Read 55 times)

    Sucks! I hate summer colds. It hasn't fully set in yet, but I started getting the little scratchy throat last night. This doesn't help while working my way through a summer slump. Has anyone ever used that Airborne stuff? I find it to be pretty decent. My body generally does a good job fighting off colds, and that stuff seems to help. School starts next week and I'll be going two nights a week so I'll have to change up my schedule some...I hope that will be a welcome change. I'm supposed to run in a pub crawl this Saturday.
      Crap - I hope it hasn't gotten worse. Colds are something I catch every now and then.
        Normally my colds are just an inconvenience and I just feel under the weather for a few days. This time was worse, last Thursday night a fever set in after my run that night. I'm guessing it was a 24 hour flou as I couldn't get out of bed yesterday and ended up calling in sick and layed around all day with a headache. I didn't even think about running. I started feeling a little better last night, but still felt weak and unmotivated. 10 PM rolled around last night and I still hadn't run and really gave serious consideration to not running. I finally convinced myself to get out there at about 10:40, and I'm glad I did. I did a nice and easy 2 mile run and felt better for it. No pub crawl for me today though.