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Stupid Today - risked injury (Read 77 times)


    So I was totally stupid today and really risked injuring myself. After 18 yesterday, today should have been a nice easy run. I went out with my running club in the morning and did that - and I could feel how exhausted my legs were during the run. We did 6.3 miles, relatively slow. But then I had a really bad day - wont get into the logistics, but I was so frustrated that I needed something to clear my head and I went out and ran another 5 miles this afternoon. Even as I ran it I knew that my legs didnt want to do it and needed to rest but I did it anyway. Now, my legs are sore all over, and I have a nagging pain in my right shin. going to take a 1 mile day tomorrow and let them try to rest up, then back at it on Wednesday if I feel ready. Ugh - still cant believe I was that stupid.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      We all do stupid things from time to time. The important thing is that you realized it was stupid and can adjust properly to make sure things don't get worse.

        Yeah, did my 2 miles this mornig - REALLY slow and easy. Things felt okay, a little stiff but nothing feels like it is permanently damaged from it. Tomorrow I have a 10 miler planned but I think I will still play it by ear as far as that goes - maybe cut it back to six.
          Paying attention to how your body feels, and being able to make appropriate changes is important. A couple weeks ago I decided to cut back a bit. I was running 40 miles per week, but am now running 35 miles per week. I use to run about 30 days in a row, and then take a couple days off during a "cut back" week. My streak now is at 68. In the past I would have had four off days in the last 2+ months. I guess I could handle 40 mile weeks if I took a few days off, but running every day, 35 mile weeks seem to work better. Run safe everyone!
            Things felt okay, a little stiff but nothing feels like it is permanently damaged from it.
            Take a bath with epsom salts, at least a full cup of salts in water as hot as you can stand.........now don't go burning yourself. Soak for a half hour, you may have to add more hot water after 15 minutes or so. It works wonders.

            "The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling." - Lucretius