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Holy Crap - OW!!!!!! (Read 60 times)

    So I was out for my Thursday run the other day - a hill repeat workout with my running club. I do this almost every Thursday. We are on a rest interval and running back down one of the hills when I hit a divot in the ground - not a pothole per se, but a section of road that was about 2-3 inches below where it should have been. It was dark adn I didnt see it and it completely jarred my back really hard. It still hurt yesterday a little when I was running, and this morning it hurt when I got up but felt okay on my run. But as I sit here on a Saturday at my office (on Valentines day no less - sorry just a gripe here) it is freaking killing me! Every time I stand up and move around it hurts - almost in a line right across the middle of my back. I just popped a bunch of advil to help with the pain but I'm actually sitting here trying not to move too much. This sucks. Hopefully it's just a pulled muscle and I can rest it a bit this afternoon - cause tonight I'm taking the kids to a hockey game and that just cant be good for it.

    Gotta Flee Em All

      Keep moving. Don't let it stiffen up. Active recovery is often the best way to go. And ice too.
        Jeff...how has your back been treating you?
          Jeff...how has your back been treating you?
          Back has been better the last day or two - no complaints right now. I must have just pulled a muscle but it seems to have healed up. Thanks for asking.