A Mile A Day


Mike (Read 205 times)

    Geez, it's about time you updated your runs.  I was starting to get worried again.

    Running around the ship

      Jeff...now I'm getting worried aout you! What is going on?



        Sorry, was on vacation for the Holiday. I'll get them updated tomorrow - unfortunately it was just a bunch of 1 mile days while we were away skiing.

          Okay, they are all logged in.  A lot of 1 milers on vacation (too busy skiing with the kids - totally worth it).


          Today I had a great run - just under 16 miles at a faster clip than I thought I was going (almost at my marathon pace though I didnt mean to go that fast).  But it felt great so hopefully that week of rest days has me ready to start training for my 10 miler in March.


          Keep on streaking everyone and Happy New Year!!!!!

          Running around the ship

            OK...Great! I got nervous (though a little excited) when my name was at the top!


            Glad you alive and well!