A Mile A Day


Day 80 (Read 75 times)


    Today was a nearly day. Meaning nearly didn't run. Saturday i did some fun sprints 100ms not full out sprints guess i enjoyed them too much and did too many. Yesterday legs were stiff not surprisingly but did manage a little 3 miler. Today the plan was easy 3 in the morning 3 mile race this evening. Woke late. Didn't run straightaway weather here is awful strong winds and heavy rain legs syill a bit stiff so decided not to race its a good journey into London so rather not if i feel i couldn't put in a good effort. As the day progressed kept thinking i've got to get a run in cannot let a bit of bad weather stop my streak. So told myself just one mile, just one little mile then come home. Got dressed went out but as you know, once you are out and totally wet its never just one mile. I did 3ΒΌ miles, not mega stuff but its another day Funny thing is even though as drenched as i was, it was my most enjoyable run in a long time Smile Smile Smile

      Started reading your post and was thinking - well, no problem because it's only 2:00 in the afternoon here so just run later. then I read the part about the journey into London and realized you didnt have quite that much time left. Smile Nice job keeping it going.

      Oh Mighty Wing

        good job Pammie!!!
          Good job getting out the door. Sometimes I think that is the hardest part. "I'll just go one mile" often turns into two, three, or more. Are you going to find another race after missing the 3 miler? I am doing a 5K Saturday.

            Thanks guys Maine - Oh yes theres a mile race in the same park in 2 weeks time, well throughout the summer theres one every monday evening but working next Monday. Following that i have another 5km on the 25th (normally run on the last friday of the month) so have a few races in the pipeline Heading to the track tomorrow for a 3km timetrial so nice and easy today will be heading out in a moment Good luck on Saturday