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Crappy Runs (Read 133 times)

    I have made a very interesting personal discovery about bad runs.  Back when I ran less often I usually attributed bad runs to fatigue.   If I had a bad run I would take a day or two off.   Now that I run a lot more often I wouldn't even consider taking a day off unless I have had several crappy days in a row.   Often I find,  I can have a horrible run, then run harder and/or longer the next day(or sometimes even later the same day) and have a great run.   


    What a strange mystery crappy runs are!

      Amen Brother!!


      Have found the same thing.  Sometimes a crappy run (sometimes two in a row) but then miraculously the next day an easy run is actually at a much faster pace than I thought it would be, or I can really crank out a great interval set.

        I will add my 2 cents worth to this as well. I agree, I always thought fatigue was a major cause of lousy runs, but then went out the next day with no rest and had a great run. I have learned to just take it in stride and 'IT IS WHAT IT IS' Run on and enjoy the good days, and forget the bad ones.