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    Okay, so if all members could put a post on here with the start date of their "Streak" I would apprecaite it. Also, if you miss a day and have to start the "Streak" over post the new start date here. I will check here every couple days and make any changes that people have to their dates on the chart. Hopefully, RA can have an automatic chart set up for us - they have said they will work on it but it could take some time to figure out how to pull out the number of consecutive days run from the database. Anyway, my start date was 12/31/07 Jeff
      My streak start date was Jan 1, 2008
        Mine started on Jan. 23, 2008

          Had a bad day on Jan 27 My streak restarted Jan 28 2008

            Pammie, Sorry to hear that. I am actually struggling a bit right now as I pulled something in my shin last week (hopefully its not shin splints but it doesnt feel like it) and wondering how to get through it. I have a long run scheduled tomorrow which I am going to attempt but I may just put in the token mile for a few days after that. Best of luck Jeff