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Only 7 sneezes today... (Read 52 times)

Running around the ship

    Yep, allergy season has snuck up and slammed me here in the middle of the US. 9 sneezes after yesterday's run and only 7 today. I'm fine during the run, with the exception of watery eyes, but once it's over the sneezes come. I hope I continue to feel good during the run. Medicine probably helps some but still miserable...and it will only get worse through September and mid-October. I've worried about this season coming up...but of course I'll keep plodding along. I'm a streaker! Mike
      Sorry to hear that man! Isn't that weird that you feel better during the run? Sometimes when you feel like crap its hard to get motivated to get out there and run...but it does feel better. Maybe the answer is to run more when we feel like crap...Smile