A Mile A Day


Welcome to all new members (Read 115 times)

    While starting to redo the chart, I just realized how many members we have now.  We are up to 47 members of the group.  I know maybe all of you are not streaking currently, but you have and most have said they probably will again at some time.  It's just nice to see how our little group has grown.


    So welcome to any new members that I have not yet welcomed.  I used to try to send out an individual welcome to each new member, but I am sure I have missed quite a few of you and I apologize for that.  We have a nice group of people here, some of whom have been streakign for quite a while.  I hope we can help keep you motivated so we can all become better, stronger runners.



      Only 19 people responded so far.  I am thinking that I will repost the graph at teh end of the week with whoever has given me thier start date in the new chart.  Then as people come back and realize they are not on the graph, they will update me.


      Good luck this week everyone.