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It Might Be Over (Read 207 times)

    Yesterday was day number 400.  I am not 100% sure but I think today might be the first day of rest from running in over a year.  To go 400 days straight without significant pain or injury.  The streak has accomplished a bigger goal of once again consistently running rather than doing it when I feel like it.


    The only reason it is an "I think" concept at this point is I don't know what I'll do when I get home from work tonight.  It may be harder to let this thing go than I anticipate   I'll post more reflections if I make it past midnight without going for a quick run.


      How about just doing 1 mile -- that's what I did the other day and it got me through the day.  Good luck with whatever you decide.


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      In it for the long run..

        I understand your feelings.  I am struggling with when it will be time to let this go and take a true rest day- or two.  I haven't had much trouble keeping the streak going (except for the week or so with the severely bruised ribs after the fall in the Whistlestop Marathon), but there are days lately that it seems like the smart move would be to just REST. 

        "It's not who wins the workout..."


          It has taken a week but I'll post my closing thoughts on the streak.


          Last Thursday marked 400 days.  I took Friday through Sunday off.  Monday was a discouraging three mile run during which my knees and ankles showed their discontent with the idea of being on the treadmill.  Today was a much better four mile run.


          Overall the streak was a great experience.  I am moving on to other goals for running.  In the short-term it is preparation for a marathon on May 16.  Long-term, well, it is to just keep running.


          Thanks for sharing the experience.  You all have made this a fun group to be a participant.