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Day 668. My best day! (Read 100 times)

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    The Boston Marathon! I'm back home in Missouri today, and still smiling from day 668! Boston was my 6th Marathon (Chicago, Memphis, Blue Springs, St. Louis, New York, Boston) and I'm learning so much about what works and what doesn't. I know this isn't news to anyone, but hopefully someone can use it! First, and foremost, is consistency. For me that means every day. All my life I wanted to be a better runner than I was, and now, in my 40s, I'm becoming a better runner than I thought I could be. Second, is mileage. The more miles I log, the easier the running becomes. I will admit that my 5K times have suffered some, but it's simply a different focus. I can't be doing a lot of mileage and speedwork at the same time. Now that I've reached my 1st of two goals this year (sub 3 hour marathon), I am going to focus on my 5K times, and I'm sure my massive base mileage will help me retain endurance as I switch to speed. I went into Monday's race with 668 consecutive days and 3,798 miles logged during this streak. I had that written on my pace band to remind me that I've paid my dues, and done everything I knew to do in preparation. The last thing I want mention that contributed to my best day, is connecting with other runners. I have a group I run with here in Columbia, (Missouri) and 18 of us went to Boston. We motivate each other and the accountability of having someone meeting you to run, is important. The local newspaper takes interest in us on occasion and here are two recent articles: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2008/02/11/long-run-lunatics-push-themselves-and-each-other/ http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2008/04/17/eighteen-columbia-mondays-boston-marathon/ I have two friends who have embraced the "streaking" philosophy, and I wish them, and all of you, days like my 668! Darrin "Once you've reached your goal...Celebrate! Then set your sights a bit higher" Mia Hamm

    "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

      Congrats again! You (and the rest of the people that did Boston this week) have inspired me and now I am itching to do a marathon. I have my goal 5K this weekend (fingers crossed for a sub-20 minute finish) and then I told my coach I really want to concentrate on getting ready for my Fall marathon this summer. I am doing a really flat marathon in October and it has been a while since I ran a marathon and felt good about the race. So now I want to finish one and feel like I trained appropriately for it. I have plenty of time - typical training plans are 16 or 20 weeks and 20 weeks out would no be until the beginning of June, so should I not (knock on wood) make my sub-20 goal I still have a couple months to try to get that under my belt before I really start to ramp up the mileage.
        Excellent job in Boston! Also...nice work on getting up at 6 AM the next day to keep the streak alive. I'm planning to run my first marathon in January 2009 in Houston. I have run the half marathon there twice before. I'd like to maintain my long runs between 10-13 miles over the summer to stay in shape for training season here in the fall. It gets so hot and humid down here in the summer...makes it tough (on me). I may have to start some AM runs.

        El Presidente

          I just joined the group and am one of Young1's "friends who have embraced the streaking philosophy." I also take pride in the fact that I have contributed to Young1's philosophy by encouraging him to do a bit more than just "a mile a day." Anyway, I am still pretty new to streaking as my current streak is at 57 days after this morning's run. Happy running all!

          "I train conservatively so that I can race recklessly."

            Welcome to the group. I will get you added to the chart and... Streak On (as Young1 would say) And after just looking at your running log - nice BQ you had there - really cut it down to the wire. I only dream of hitting a BQ time some day.

            El Presidente

              And after just looking at your running log - nice BQ you had there - really cut it down to the wire.
              Thanks. I was very fortunate since I wasn't even looking at my watch during the last mile.

              "I train conservatively so that I can race recklessly."