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Ouch! - Running Through Injuries? (Read 128 times)

    So here I am at day #458 and I managed to limp through a mile today because of a strained hamstring (I think). Seems like the farther I go with the streak the more I want to keep it going so now I'm way more serious than when I first started. Anyhoo, anybody care to share some of your experiences of "running through the pain?" My hamstring injury doesn't seem that bad (no major swelling and it just hurts when I walk or run) but I don't want to make things worse either.


      I feel your pain although it is my piriformis that is bothering me.  I know I tend to overdo it and usually lower my mileage until I start feeling better (or at least the pain is manageable).  Yesterday's 22 mile run was cut short short to 20 when in fact I should have stopped around 16 when the pain started increasing, and today's 10 mile run was only 6 which was perfect.


      My advice would be to take it one day at a time.  Maybe plan a route that has several "exits" so if you need to stop it won't be too hard to get back home.  Hope you feel better!


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        Thanks Ojo! I've been dealing with a piriformis issue now for several months but it seems manageable... just hurts mostly when I'm sitting or driving. Sitting on a tennis ball helps sometimes... or at least makes something else hurt for a couple minutes! Hasn't bothered me much while running. I don't run a huge amount of miles... average about 35 a week and don't run anything longer than a half marathon. Most of my "long runs" are 10 or 12 miles. 

          Last summer I was playing kickball with my nephews and hit a hole in my brothers yard and pulled my calf muscle really badly.  I knew I shouldnt have played because I had run 17 miles or so that morning and my muscles were pretty tired.  Anyway, I couldnt even walk back to the house. 


          I waited as long as possible the next day to get my mile in and did a week of mile runs while stretching, icing and resting it as much as possible.  It sucked but I go through it.

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            I am fortunate that I haven't had to run through injury, but I've run through illness. I just run a mile a day until I feel better. And by run, I mean I go very slow.