A Mile A Day


6 Months! (Read 118 times)

    I am lazy, so here is a link to my blog - today's post, 6 Months!




      Nice job!!!!


      Keep it up.


        Way to go Kathy! 


        MM #2929

        I fly.

          GREAT JOB!!!

          Bring it on.

            A journey begins with one step and a streak begins with one day.  I liked reading your blog.  You make a lot of good points.  The streak is what gets you out the door when many days I would just say "too tired" and skip it.  Some runs are good and some are bad.  Doesn't matter what you eat or how much you sleep.  Good job!
              Thanks everyone!  Many times I think of blogging or posting that the streak was broken and that's what gets me out the door!