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    Yesterday, 1 June 08, My friend and fellow streaker, MBurlingame ran his first race ever. To add to the challenge, he had never run further than a 5K in training. But, he has run for well over 100 days in a row, so I signed him up for an 8K. The day was hot and the course was hilly, but he ran every step of the way! When Mike started, he had to work up to running a mile, and in the early stages the treadmill was at 4.5 mph. However, yesterday he finished the tough course in 46:55 (9:37 pace), and a smile on his face! To add a little icing, he also got a medal by placing 3rd in his age group! The progress he has made is remarkable! Great job Mike! Streak on! D

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      Thats Brilliant Well done Mike. You should be proud of yourself, that is certainly a huge improvement over the last 100 days.

      Oh Mighty Wing

        Great job!!!

          Excellent job Mike!

          Running around the ship

            Thanks everybody!! Especially to Darrin (Young1) for challenging me...then to get started and recently to attempt this race. Oh yeah, and sacrificing his race time & speed in this race in order to run along side of me. And, he didn't even get to run with his wife that ran this same race...just a lot faster than me!!! It really is amazing...I never started running to ever do any kind of distance other than a mile or two for a little exercise. To run in an 8K?!?! I'm stoked! I plan to run a few more 5k's this summer to get more experience and then who knows? 10K? 1/2M? Maybe! Thanks again everybody...I love reading this forum everyday as I usually get some motivation, tips or a laugh. Mike