A Mile A Day


Chart and member list updated (Read 109 times)

    Okay, So this morning I went through and booted out people that have not visited the group in more than 5 months. I also deleted off the chart anyone that was not a member after doing that. Hopefully I didnt delete anyone that is actually active by accident. If I did, I apologize and feel free to yell at me or whatever. Anyway, we have 14 current members (though Legger joined on 10/06/08 and has not visited the group since then) with active streaks. Best of luck to all and Streak On!! Jeff
      Going to be doing another clean-up at the beginning of March. We have two members - Rick Schott and Legger who will have not been to view the group since they joined over six months ago.
        Planning another clean up next week for the start of the second quarter of 2009 - Legger is currently the only person that will be removed from the list at this time due to his 6 months of inactivity (meaning he hasnt even looked at this user group since the beginning of October, which I think is when he joined.). Jeff