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Weekly Check-in 03/30/09 (Read 133 times)


    Okay, so I have been having some serious ankle problems for a few weeks now. I did some numbers in my head and they all started about 4 days after I got these new running shoes (coincidence??? maybe... maybe not). At any rate, it has only been three weeks and my mileage on them has been low (for me) so I thought I would try to return them. Unfortunately, my running store was bought out by a larger chain last year - so now instead of the one month return (no questions asked) they give you two weeks (and they shoes pretty much need to not look too worn). So I had to bite the bullet and buy a new pair, so now I have spent almost $200 on shoes in the past three weeks. I take the new pair out for a test drive today, so we'll see how that goes. I did 2 miles yesterday in my old ones because it was pouring out and still got the ankle pain at just past teh one mile mark. I did top off the 20 miles I had planned for last week. This week I hope to hit 25-30 and maybe start to get back to some semblance of the running I had going on before this ankle issue began. Other than that, the streak lives on, I still like to run, but I still have no real goal for this year so motivation is still a little low. how is everyone else doing?

      Streaking and training still going well. I usually do my long runs Sundays but decided to flip with today due to the downpour we had yesterday. I did do 5 miles -- came back so soaked that I had to wring my gloves out. My weather intentions were good except for the fact that it rained again today! Luckily it wasn't as bad so the 15 miles didn't seem too bad. Sorry about your shoes problems Jeff but I would have done the same thing. Healthy legs are worth the price! Hope the new hoes work for you.


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        Sorry, I forgot about the milestones for this week. Vintagerunner - 3 months mainrun - 350 days Pammie - one month Wingz - should hit longest streak Ever of 49 days Again, let me know if I missed somebody's milestone. I try to get them all - every little bit of encouragement helps. Streak on! Jeff

          Quick update on the new shoes. They seemed okay. It was POURING outside today, and not wanting to totally trash them in case I do need to return them I hit the treadmill at lunch. I did about 2.5 miles with no twinges or pains in my ankles. So here's hoping (crosses fingers) that tomorrow it wont be raining and I can take them on the road to see how they do. And yeah, I totally agree - a little extra money to save the pains and a full-blown injury is worth - though not so sure my wallet or my wife would necessarily agree with that. Big grin
            I had another good week. I had a good hill session mid-week which tired me out quite a bit. I am gearing up for my first race of the season! I have high hopes for setting a PR. I posted a full description in the sub 19 5K thread with my plans for the coming week. http://www.runningahead.com/forums/post/62a904c694f34260b66005047781cc08#focus


              I am also gearing up for my first race of the year. Mine is April 18. A nice date, as that date will be day 365 for me. I did 35 total miles last week, with two hard workouts: Three mile tempo run. The workout totaled six miles: 1 mile warmup, 3 tempo miles, and then 2 miles cooldown. I did 2 X 30 second hill surges in mile 5 of the workout (just for fun - ha!). My plan is to build up to 4 (maybe more) tempo miles, and 4 to 6 X 30 second hill surges. This workout will eventually build to 10+ miles. 4 X 1K with 1:30 recovery followed by 4 X 40 second striders with 30 second recovery. My plan is to build up to 5 X 1K and 5 X 40 second striders. ________________ It is wet/rainy today so I am going to run on the treadmill now. Going to watch the television show, “The Unit,” I recorded yesterday.

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                I had a great week. Good mileage and completed my first HM of the year with an 11+minute PR. Couldn't be much happier. I did have a small struggle getting out the door yesterday but when the day was over I did get out for 2.5 miles.


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                  Having a good week. I moved up to 1.4 miles on the TM per run this week, and though it's taking a bit of psychological getting used to, the body seems to be holding up fine to this level of workout. I'm realizing that I'm running more than a mile per day, and that makes me a little nervous... but it's okay. I've got an appointment Thursday morning with a podiatrist to see if I can get some resolution on theis foot issue that's been plaguing me for months and just doesn't seem to want to get better. He says he's an athlete and understands athlete's concerns. Wonder how he'll react to a patient who wants to keep streaking while being treated... *crosses fingers*

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                    I am not haveing very big weeks but still keeping after it. This streaking is working like I hoped it would it is keeping me getting out the door. Some of those 1 mile runs are days I would not go out other wise, just got back from vaction lots of long days driveing but still got out my son is in the army and we would get on treadmills next to each other and he would smoke my a&&LOL. of course 36 compared to the down side of 58 he better, well take care out there.

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