A Mile A Day


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    One more day for me! I was checking my running log and realized that I actually did run on December 31, 2007 so my streak actually started a day earlier than I thought. Woohoo.
      Your fellow streakers share your joy. Big grin

      Running around the ship

        Hi all.. ...My next big hurdle will be vacation in Breckenridge where I know it will be colder than 30's and the place I'm staying doesn't have any treadmills. mike
        Let us know how the running in Breck goes...I'm going to Keystone mid-March and wonder how much harder the altitude will be to run in. Have a good trip! Mike

          Hi I'm up at 2 weeks now can't remember what my biggest streak was in the past but it can't be much more. I have noticed now little changes each day i run.