A Mile A Day


150 days done. (Read 136 times)

I fly.

    woo hoo!

    Bring it on.


      Yay Jill!  How does it feel with the marathon training?  Seems like you are going strong.


      MM #2929




        Roads were made for journeys...

          Nice job Jill!!!!!


          sorry about no weekly checkin post this week (again ) but work has been a bear the last few weeks and I just havent been online as much.

          In it for the long run..

            Excellent, Jill.  I'm right behind you!

            "It's not who wins the workout..."

            BANNED from the LLR (Ladies' Locker Room) forum at age 64.  Remember, folks, it's just running.

            I fly.

              Thanks guys.  It's going well.  My achilles was really stiff last week.  I've been taking advil (3, 3xs a day) for a few days, stretching like crazy and wearing new shoes.  So far so good.  The running is actually getting in the way of being a beach bum though!  Since we live at the shore, we've got lots of company so I've got to figure out how to get my runs in and entertain my guests.  Ah, such problems.  Smile

              Bring it on.