A Mile A Day


Hard to believe (Read 140 times)

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    That it's been almost two years. I've considered ending my streak once I graduate in December but I am tempted to pass Ojo's record. Big grin Considering she was one of my inspirations to run every day. Wink


    Seriously, though. If I can run every day while commuting 3 hours a day most days a week and going to nursing school with two kids and a husband, anyone can.

    5k - 23:30

    10k - 49:00

    Half - 1:48:34

    Full - 4:01:28


    Working toward hip nirvana.


      Go Heather go!  Big grin


      MM #2929

      Intentionally Blank

        I have also been wondering how long to go. I think I hit 2 years on Sunday. I have trip planned out of the country for Christmas, so I might end there.

        In it for the long run..

          You three are amazing.  I really feel that I knew when it was time to stop with my last streak, which was when I was too injured to run a mile!  So far, I'm still going (414), but if I get really sick or injured, it will end.

          "It's not who wins the workout..."

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