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    My log is ugly and somewhat humerous since February.
    And yet still impressive that you could go out and run a marathon with so little training - nice job and welcome to the group.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      OK. Im starting today or tomorrow (in marathon recovery). Think this may give me added motivation to get off my butt and train better. My log is ugly and somewhat humerous since February.
      HI MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It's never to late to get back on that horse, eh? Very cool that you were able to get that marathon. How was it? I never hear about what people's experiences are when they HAVEN'T been running 10,000 miles/week for months on end and are all-burned-out-and-injured-from-running-too-much. I'd love to hear your story!

        Roads were made for journeys...

          Im sort of an expert at running marathons undertrained. I only felt properly trained for my first two marathons. Even then I didnt quite follow the programs (the 2nd marathon was less than 2 months after my first). I feel great now (7 days later) The main problem I had this time was chaffing related. Im finally healed up and really looking forward to a nice evening run on the trail tonight. The one thing about not being trained is you dont have to worry about leaving anything on the course. It takes every bit of energy to finish. I ran relatively slow--and felt fine cardio wise..but my legs were shot. My back killed for 2 days. But now Im good. My problem is keeping motivation. I started this year out great for 1-1/2 months. Ran more and better than ever in tough conditions. Then I got sick, and out of the habit of running. Im actually considering the same trifecta as last year Dayton/Columbus/Vegas (if Vegas actually happens--im signed up and flight is booked--but its actual existence is in doubt). Columbus would be a scheduled 18 mile run day anyhow--or I may do the half..depends on how Im holding up. My streak starts tonight (I swear)
            Chafing - ouch!!! I became a huge fan of spandex during my first year running for that very reason. I was always too shy before to wear something so... ahem... form fitting. But when I discovered that a pair of spandex pants would keep chafing AND bunching away... well, there's been no going back! Big grin

            Roads were made for journeys...

              not sure how to get me to show up on the graph. I added myself to the spreadsheet but didnt want to screw things up trying to get it to graph. If someone can offer assistance that would be great!
                not sure how to get me to show up on the graph. I added myself to the spreadsheet but didnt want to screw things up trying to get it to graph. If someone can offer assistance that would be great!
                You're on there. Not sure if someone else fixed it or if you just didn't wait long enough. It usually takes a few minutes for changes to show up. Lookin' good so far! Cool

                Roads were made for journeys...

                  I changed the range of the graph so that might have done it, or it could just be that like Wingz said it takes a bit for the changes in teh google doc to reach the main User Group page.

                  I fly.

                    Hello- I may have to drop out, but I've run every day this month so far (I know that is small potatos, but it's a start) and I'm not planning on stopping. Of course if I do, I'll let you know and probably leave the group in shame. -Jill

                    Bring it on.

                      Welcome to lorrieg!!! Sorry if I missed any people in welcoming them to the group but the Fall was pretty busy. I am going to try to get more organized for 2009
                        And a nice new welcome to VintageRunner as well.
                          Thanks, Jeff! I've only got a streak that's a few days old (started 12/28), and already had my first big challenge today. 32 degrees and freezing rain. That may not sound too cold for some of you, but it's really freaking cold for this Texas girl!
                            Welcome to Mattdude!!! Best of luck with your running and streaking - we really do have a good group of people here that at the very least have kept me motivated to keep going. If you let me know the start date of your streak I can add you to the chart.


                              Running sounds good, But I think, I will keep my clothes on. Tongue As for a start date, later this month, or next.
                              Body Weight Culture, A site with alot of info.
                              100 Push-ups Challenge, 40 of 100
                              Weight Loss, 20 pounds to go.

                              Fortune and glory kid

                                Hello everyone, I have decided to take on the challenge of the "Streak". I am pretty confident that I can do well and who knows maybe I can make it a long one. Running an easy 1 mile on an off day isn't that difficult and shouldn't hurt my body, right? Glad to be here and looking forward to seeing how far I can go. I will start my streak now (or 3 days ago).