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Winter streaking without a treadmill (Read 193 times)


    Does that make me a badass or really stupid?  Joking  5.4 Miles in freezing rain, slush and ice covered roads.  I think I was shuffling fast enough to still call it running.  Big grin


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      Does that make me a badass or really stupid? 

       Can the answer be both?  I say as I head down in the basement to run on the TMWink

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        My steak would have ended without the treadmill.  I cannot get out of the house.  All doors are blocked by snow.  Fortunately, I have no reason to go out.


          9 miles on the treadmill at the Marriott this morning.


          Though had I know my brother's surgery that I was taking him to was located INSIDE a giant Boston Sports Club that had an indoor track, I probably would have just paid for a daily pass and run while he was in surgery.

          Beware, batbear...

            Hope the surgery went ok, Jeff.


            I had the hardest time in my short 35 day streak getting a run in today.  Planned on running right after school but got word from the bank that they could refinance my car at MUCH lower interest (though a six month longer loan, still going to save almost $100 per month).  Took forever for them to inspect the car, and finalize the paperwork.  After that, I went to a class with my SO about homeschooling.  On the way home, found out a friend & family got stranded at Walmart with a broken car.  Finally got home after 9 pm and the wind had picked up, temperature dropped etc.


            I thought I'd just go out for about 2 miles but, once out there, realized I might as well get some miles in...after all, I'm out there.  So, 5.4 miles later, I'm good for the day.  

            2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.