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    Jeff...you gotta reset me, my streak ended this past Tuesday at 136 days. You can reset me on the chart for today, 5/23/08 as I'm starting a new streak today. Thanks man, and good luck on your tough week. How did my streak end? Well, it kind of sucked, but overall its not that big of a deal. I worked all day, had double header softball games right after work, and some guys from our team went out after that. I don't have a problem with running at 11:30 at night, as I am routinely up that late anyways. However, that night when I got home I ended up falling asleep on the couch and not waking up until about 2:30 AM still in my softball cleats. I even had a dream about running, but that doesn't really count. I was a little bummed out about it the next day, but then I realized all the good things I got from running everyday such as weight loss, commitment to fitness, self confidence, etc. and it wasn't such a big deal. So I decided to take 3 days off and start another streak tonight. I just need to do a better job of planning, and maybe start doing some more runs in the morning (although I don't prefer that). And awaaaayyy we go... Later! Mike

      Awwww Mike sorry to hear that, i've had a few restarts (haven't got to 3 figures mind) excellent progress from you and such a healthy attitude. Good luck with your new streak

      Oh Mighty Wing

        ohh can I be reset too!!!! I restarted on the 21st! Thanks!!!!
          Actually...the reset date is 5/24...thanks Jeff...Smile Mike
            OK...5/27, and that's my final answer.