A Mile A Day


Cant seem to slow down - Weird (Read 156 times)


    Toe was feeling better last night when I headed out so I decided to give it a little test run of 3 miles (up from all the 1 milers I have been doing lately to rest it).


    I tried to keep it nice and easy for the whole run.  But I have noticed lately that what I think are easy runs are coming in at a pace way faster than I think they are, or want them to be for that matter.  For example, yesterday I tried to go out for a nice easy run at an 8:20 pace.  I was right on for the first half mile, but when I finished and logged my route my average was closer to 7:50.


    I have noticed that on a bunch of runs lately, where my average pace has come in under 8:00mpm when I know I should be at an 8:15-8:30 pace for easy runs.  Maybe it's just excitement when my toe feels good enough to run, or maybe it's been the warm weather we have had, I dont know.


    I am at the point now where I am contemplating pickign up a Garmin just to keep myself on pace.


    Anyone else ever have weird things like this happen to you.  I am planning another run at lunch (supposed to be 70 degrees out) so I'll see how that one goes.  I mean, I could say - "Gee I must be faster now" but I really dont think that's the case here.


      I just did a 7:50 pace 11 mile run this morning; which is almost 1 min per mile faster than I would normally run. For some reason just felt like hitting it hard, must of been the nice cool morning. I have days like this and what you describe sometimes; actually very thankful for them, feels good to know you can go faster than what you think you should. I think this falls into the the ' take when you can get it' category.

        Yeah, must have been the nice weather.  It seems to have corrected itself and I'm back to my normal runnign paces for the most part.