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Tough week (but made it)...now at 99 days (Read 71 times)

El Presidente

    Last week, my wife gave birth to our fourth child. I was worried that with her being in the hospital and me taking care of the other three kids, that my running streak would be in jeopardy. However, I was able to make it (though my mileage did drop off significantly). The capper was that when my wife and newborn baby were released from the hospital, my wife dropped me off on the way home so that I could meet up with some running buddies and then run home. My running buddies were in total shock that (1) I would consider doing that and (2) that my wife would be supportive. Let's just say that it helps that my wife is a serious runner and is well aware of some of the compulsions that we runners have. This morning was my 99th straight day of running which ties my previous best. Everything after today is a new record for me. Tomorrow will be fun hitting Day 100. Young1, you better watch out, 'cause here I come!

    "I train conservatively so that I can race recklessly."

    Oh Mighty Wing

      Congratulations to you!!! It is soo nice to hear that your baby is healthy, your streak is alive, and you have a wonderful supportive wife!! (I hope you went home and gave her many kisses!!!)
        99 days is great, good stuff. I hope I can make it. I see you decided to run 60km in one day during that streak. WOW! Now that is something I'll never even attempt to do. Nice work man.

        "The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling." - Lucretius


          Awesome job on keeping the streak alive, and congratulations on the new little one!!!!!
            Awesome! It sure does help to have support at home when streaking. Congrats on your new baby and day 100. Welcome to the triple digits.

              Ooooooh congrats to your 4th child and your upcoming 100th day. You certainly do have an understanding wife