A Mile A Day


Almost forgot...after all this time (Read 152 times)

Intentionally Blank

    Last wednesday, I got stuck doing stuff at work, and didn't make my lunchtime run.  I frequently miss it have to get in at least a mile in the evening.  After work, I took my kids to their kung fu class, and then my spouse texted to see if we wanted to go out to dinner with friends.


    After eating Mexican food and sharing a pitcher of margarita, we got home and I suddenly remembered I hadn't run yet.  A mile on the treadmill with a bellyful of food and margarita is not fun.


    Have you ever almost forgotten to run?

    Lush Extraordinaire

      Yes, and there was alcohol involved. Running while relatively intoxicated at nearly midnight is not a fun time. Thankfully, my sober husband ran with me.

      5k - 23:30

      10k - 49:00

      Half - 1:48:34

      Full - 4:01:28


      Working toward hip nirvana.


        That's why I always run first thing in the morning -- if I had to leave it to later in the day I am sure I would get caught up in life and forget.  Glad you kept the streak going!


        MM #2929

          Many times - usually when alcohol is involved, but not always.  Typically remember around 11:00pm when I am getting my clothes ready for the next day's run.


          On another note - congrats Sharon - looks like today is goign to be day 500 for you.Big grin

          Intentionally Blank

            Thanks! I never thought I'd go this long.  I am amazed that I have had to contend with any major illness, injury or life event that's kept me from at least one mile each day.


            Next Christmas I am taking a trip out of the country.  That might be a natural time to stop the streak, depending on running availability where I am going.