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    Its been pretty quiet out there, hope everyone is doing well. Last night I had the closest call I've had with a dog while out running. I was running down a road I've run hundreds of times so I thought I knew what to expect. I normally even know what fences will have a barking dog behind them as I pass. It was about 10:45 last night and I had my iPod going as I chugged along down this neighborhood street when I heard some barking coming from my right across the street. I looked up and saw a pretty good sized dog charging at me and barking. I did a little Deion Sanders high step and it ran past me from behind into another yard, ran behind a car and started barking and howling. Shocked I stopped for a few seconds to walk and catch my breath, but apprently I didn't get out of its space soon enough because it came charging again. This time I saw teeth and I thought for sure I was going to get bit. I turned around to face it and kept back pedalling and yelled "NO!". It ran by me again, although I'm sure if it really wanted to bite me it would have. Has anyone else had any close calls? Do y'all carry anything with you when you run in case something like this happens? I would rather not carry anything else with me. I am thinking about switching up my route some to avoid that street from now on.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      I've only had a dog growl once at my friend and I. It was a Rotty and it made my friend really nervous. So friend kept running and dog was running it's property line following us and growling. I stopped turned and faced the dog and told it to stop. And it stoped, sat, and growled less. I truely believe it was because of my friend and her nervousness. I think you have to do what makes you feel confident around dogs. I've grown up in a dog sport (Schutzhund - think police dog work) and so i'm not nervous around big barking dogs. But my friend clearly was. I say you don't need to carry anything, but at the same time if it's going to give you the confidence you need then you should carry whatever that thing is. It's all about confidence and dominance.
        I have had a few dog encounters, but haven't felt like I should bring something for protection. Two days ago my neighbor's cat-sized dog charged at me. I haven't a clue what the dog thought / tried to do. It leapt in front of me, and somehow laid down on my left foot - while I was running. It felt disgusting - like a waterlogged, lumpy, soft pillow. It rolled off my foot, and scampered back home. I have a large dog, and she is solid. I was surprised my neighbor's small dog was so mushy.

        El Presidente

          My two dog strategies are either act tough or act nice, because nervousness will definitely get a dog excited. I've even heard (but don't know if this is true) that dogs can smell the odors that our bodies give off when we are fearful or nervous and it triggers an instinct in them to give chase. So instead of worrying when you see a dog (of any size), either act tough (Go home!) or be nice (Here boy! Here girl!). Either one of those routes has always worked for me and I interchange them based upon my mood and appearance of the dog.

          "I train conservatively so that I can race recklessly."

            I don't plan on carrying anything with me. I acted tough this time. I have had those smaller ones run out in the street. I just ignore them and hope they stop so I don't have to punt them back across the street.

            Oh Mighty Wing

              ignoring will work as long as you ignore with confidence and authority. It's all about prey drive... if you are weak you are prey. If you are strong you are not. So you can be nice, be mean. ignore them, or anything else as long as you do it with authority/confidence.