A Mile A Day


New territory for me - 37 day streak (after today's run) (Read 74 times)

    When I joined this group, I created a program to find my longest streak: it was 8/3/2007 to 9/7/2007 - 36 days. My current streak is from 4/18/2008 to yesterday 5/22/2008, also 36 days. My plan is to get to 100 days, and then decide if I want to continue. Looking at the results of the computer program, I have had seven streaks longer than 30 days, and nine streaks between 20 and 29 days. In the past I took one or two days off after such a streak. Good running all.

      Well done - though its a few more days now Keep at it I know what you mean, new territory for me too now, as each day passes, quite scary at times as each day passes you don't want today to be the day to end it I'm just one day behind you just to keep you on your toes LOL Big grin
        The List is very motivating, but it is hard to make up ground Smile

        Oh Mighty Wing

          aww your is great! but mines a lie!! Cry cause it never got restarted! and I was just starting to catch up to you! Tongue

            Today nearly became a didn't but got out said i'd only do a mile, once out thought might as well make it 3, awwww what the hell - make it 4. So 4 it was