A Mile A Day


Welcome to Mainerunner2001 (Read 89 times)

    Welcome to our newest member - Mainerunner2001, who according to his log started his streak on 4/18/08. Best of luck. Jeff

      Welcome mainerunner2001 Have seen your profile - very impressive
        Thanks jeffdonahue and Pammie I saw a link Jeff posted in another thread. I have been inching towards running every day, but not quite there. This group will be great motivation.

        Running around the ship

          Welcome to the group! I, unlike you, am not a runner...however, I love LOST and saw your link so I thought I'd say hi to another Lostie. If I can run a measly mile every day, so can you! Good luck! Mike
            Thanks Mike - I see you joined the Lost group too. Great - Congratulations about running 88 days in a row. The most I have done in a row is around 30.
              The most I have done in a row is around 30.
              And hey, you're already half way to that right now. I have actually found that getting out every day you will be surprised how quickly the days add up. Next thing you know it you'll be at the 50 day mark and itching to hit 100