A Mile A Day


Updated chart (Read 158 times)


    I'm a slacker, not only on this group lately but in my running too.  Dont worry, my streak is still intact, but I dont have the motivation I wish I did right now.


    Anyway, I went through and updated the chart (again).  I made sure that all members were on the spreadsheet.  Then I went through each person's training log and checked their start dates or the streak number if they used that app in their log.  I then made the changes to the spreadsheet and sorted it again.  We currenlty have 47 members, 23 of which have an active streak going right now.


    If the number on your name is wrong (I wasnt sure on a few people because maybe they just started with RA but their streak goes farther bakc than their RA log) then just go in and change the date on the spreadsheet.


    Hope all is going well for everyone.


    happy Streaking




      I am not in the new chart.  Do I add myself back in?  My streak is unbroken: except for one day last week when I ran just a mile, every day I have religiously put in my 6.5 miles, so I am not sure why I didn't make the cut to the new chart...


      mark (mlybrand)


        I just added myself back in, I hope that was okay.

          Looks fine.  Thanks