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    Yesterday was tough. Thursdays I drop the kids off at school so I cant run in the morning, so I usually bring my gear and hit the gym at lunch to get some miles in. Well, at lunch time I grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door. As I neared my car it dawned on me that I couldnt remember putting a towel in my bag that morning. Stopping to check, I hadnt. So I grabbed the bag and went back into my office - no run at lunch for me (I dont think the people in my office would have appreciated me not showering after my run). I have been working late the last few months (hopefully ends this week) so I didnt get home until 6:00, fed the kids and put them to bed and then had to head to a PSO/PTA at my daughter's school. In the back of my mind I was constantly thinking "When am I going to get my miles in?" because today wasnt even a 1 miler day for me, I was supposed to do a 5 mile hill workout according to my trianing plan. Last minute decision - I ran to the PTA meeting (only half a mile), had the meeting from 7:30-9:00 and ended up doing an abbreviated 3.5 mile hill workout at 9:00 last night. But hey, now over 60 days and still going - just takes a little planning I guess. Jeff

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      I can relate! Yesterday, Day 615, will go down as one of the toughest days since I started my streak. I've had the stomach flu or something for several days and I've only been putting in my minimum 3 miles. Each day has been progressively worse, with ysesterday being the toughest. I worked all day (should have stayed home) then collapsed on the couch at 5pm. I finally dragged myself off the coudh at 8pm, set the treadmill @ 7mph and hobbled through the workout. Can't say I felt worse after the workout, but not eating in 12 hours was taking its toll! Bottom line: Some days are tougher than others, but its going to be something much bigger than the stomach flu or scheduling mishaps to break the streak! Also, while on the couch (and partially on the treadmill) I watched the movie "We are Marshall". What an inspiring movie! I would recommend it to anyone, and it relates to us in that they didn't give up and we shouldn't either. D

      "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

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        Great job on hangin' in there! AND, you did more than the token mile! Very nice! Mike
          Great going, guys! Hope I stay the course as well, when my moment of truth comes (and it will, I'm sure). Paul