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Weekly Check-in 3/23/09 (Read 223 times)

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    Oh no! Hope it was just a fluke and that you're feeling better already. Take care of yourself!

    Roads were made for journeys...


      my streak ended yesterday... Black eye.I have tremendous tailbone pain and it hurt to walk... butt what caused it is beyond me.... I didn't fall... no ouch that hurt... just woke up in pain... ??? can't even blame the wife for kicking me in the middle of the night because I fell asleep on the couch... Confused I am having muscle spams near the point of pain today... and my wife claims there is no bruising back there... so perhaps it is muscular in nature and a good run will work it out... thought about running at 11:00 PM last nite and walking to go get ready was just painful so I scrapped the idea... strange...
      That does sound strange -- hope you are feeling better soon.


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