A Mile A Day


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    I'm starting to think that the pain I had last month was not a twist because it just isnt going away. both of my ankles hurt this morning as I headed out for a group run. Usually they will loosen up after a mile or so if I have some pain and I will be good to go after that, but not today. I actually had to turn around and head back after a little over a mile - and much of the return trip was walking because my left ankle just hurt too much to run and I didnt want to push it. I had iced them both last night because they were a bit sore after track workout yesterday, which in retrospect might have been my problem. I might need to cut out hard workouts until they both heal up. And I definitely need to continue with this lower mileage thing for now. Send healing vibes this way please. Jeff

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      Oh no! Keep taking care of them and heal up soon!

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