A Mile A Day


Finally a good running day (Read 15 times)

    Today I didnt have to drop off any kids at school and decided to start my training for the  Falmouth Road Race in August.  I went out and ran a nice easy 13.7 miles.  It felt great.  It wasnt fast, but I really enjoyed it - didnt even mind (actually welcomed) the rain that started in the last couple miles.


    But sadly I put that in my log and decided to look up to see when the last time I ran that far was.  This was my longest run since last September.  Ouch.


    Also, I noticed that I only have 5 runs this year that are over 10 miles.  Looking back at my log for last June, I had a two week period where I did 6 runs over 10 miles each.  Back to training and enjoying the nice weather.  Hoping to get another couple good runs in this weekend.  Next week is the kids' last week of school so after that I get to run every morning.  I cant wait.